Will all my reports look the same because I don't have infinite control over page layout?

No. First, check out these three reports, all created from the same template:

Second, consider this:

  1. Branding is an intentional sameness that extends across all your interactions with prospects and customers. The Coca-Cola logo doesn't get tweaked whenever a graphic designer feels like it. Remarq helps you easily extend your branding to documents like reports and proposals.
  2. What you need more than infinite control is guardrails: smart defaults based on design and typography best practices. Pixel-level control over your documents is a recipe for wasted time you could be using to help clients or build your business.

Clients don't care about my documents, they care about my results.

Perhaps, but there are dozens of unspoken signals you are sending your clients all the time. Your level of dress, whether you act like a peer, and the quality of your marketing materials all send subtle signals about how much value your clients can expect to get when working with you. Don't tarnish their impression of you with substandard documents.

My documents are really about the content, not the design.

I hear you. I used to think the same until I realized that design is an integral part of the content. The two are really inseparable. Would episodes of "Game of Thrones" be just as awesome split up into 5-minute segments on YouTube with an ad before each segment?

I already have a template I use for my documents.

That's great! If you're sure you aren't burning hours fiddling with page layout gremlins or template minutia, then keep delivering truckloads of business value to your clients. We salute you!

I don't need this, I already make gorgeous documents in InDesign any time I want.

Is this really the best use of your time? What if you created documents that your clients (not you, you eagle-eyed designer) found equally impressive in 5 minutes instead of 2 hours? What would you do with the leftover 115 minutes?

What the heck is Markdown? This already looks harder than putting together a document in a Word or Pages template!

How much time have you spent fighting Microsoft Word? How awesome do your Pages documents look?

Markdown uses special characters to *format* text passages. To use emphasis, you simply type it in. **Like this**.

Headings start with symbols like this # and images are simple links to images online.

5 minutes of learning gives you access to a universe of editors and word processors that are a pure joy to use, and an awesome range of conversion tools that produce stunning designer-quality PDFs (hint, hint), eBooks, HTML files, and many other useful output formats.

The Remarq interface for customizing your documents is very easy to use:

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